The Baby Tree

A New York Times Best Illustrated Book
ALA Best and Notable Book

Translated into 14 languages

“A little boy narrator finds out from his parents one morning that he’s going to be a big brother. Just one question: “Where are we going to get the baby?” Over the course of the day, he asks the grownups in his life — his babysitter, his teacher, his grandpa, the mailman — if they know where babies come from. Each gives a different answer — a seed, the hospital, an egg — that confuses him but, as it turns out when his parents give him the real story, ends up being partially true (except for Grandpa’s: there are no storks). At bedtime, Mom and Dad provide their son with a very basic, concise explanation of babies’ origin: “They begin with a seed from their dad…Which gets planted in an egg inside their mom…” Blackall’s text is straightforward, calm, and reassuring without being clinical.” – Horn Book, Starred Review

“Blackall once again excels at portraying a thoughtful child with a rich inner life…” – Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“A delightfully age-appropriate way to give young children the facts about conception and birth. . . . Illustrations are beautifully crafted. . . . Each page is adorned with soft colors and crisp, clear pictures that enhance the story.” — School Library Journal, Starred Review

“Honest and accurate language combines with a rueful acknowledgment of the varied takes on the topic to make this a sound introduction to the “Where do babies come from?” question. The text remains kid-focused; the tone is steadily inquisitive, never pedantic, and the boy is particularly endearing in his curiosity. Blackall’s line and watercolor illustrations are winsome without being saccharine, and there’s considerable humor in their depiction of the various evasive explana- tions. . . . Effectively finds the sweet spot between practical and pleasant in this lovely new addition to the sex education shelf.” — The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

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Five stars from Common Sense Media


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